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The Conversational Data Intelligence Platform

Mine, monitor and automate every conversation

Re:infer, a UiPath company, is the centralised NLP platform for the enterprise. Connecting all business and customer conversations under one platform, we help you transform the customer experience, enhance efficiency and scalability.

Trusted by leading organisations to drive digital transformation

Business runs on conversations

Customers reach out when they need something. Colleagues talk to get work done.

Every conversation contains valuable information about your customer needs, your products, services and processes. But the process for extracting this insight has always been manual, costly and inefficient.

Businesses are under constant pressure to improve - to be more responsive and agile, to enhance the customer experience, to cut costs and be more efficient. Yet every year there is more to do with fewer resources.

This won't scale. It can't scale. You can't improve with humans alone.

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Know what your customers really want, work better and smarter

Turn every message into actionable data - at speed, on any channel. Rapidly deploy conversational AI models that cut costs, drive operational scalability and enhance the customer experience.

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Drive operational scalability

Uncover the costly processes slowing your organisation down. Eliminate inefficient requests and automate transactional customer requests.

Give your automation and workflow tools the structured data they need to deliver cost out and digital transformation goals. 

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Enhance the customer experience 

Interpret customer queries, requests and feedback to quantify value and failure demand. Monitor issues, identify root causes and trigger alerts on conversations.

Give CX, Loyalty, Product and Service teams the quantified insights they need to continuously improve the business.

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Make data-driven decisions

Get visibility on opaque processes and channels to identify problems, inefficiencies and quantify opportunities for change.

Give stakeholders the quantified insights they need to make informed decisions on digital transformation investments.

Deploy custom AI models in hours within a simple, zero-code user interface

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Built for Builders

Seamless integration with
your stack

Build and deploy your own high-quality machine learning models on conversations in minutes. No AI or data science expertise required.

Re:infer supports a flexible data model with first-class support for email, tickets, feedback, chat or phone calls. There is an easy to use API and developer tools for common tasks. We serve millions of production requests every day.

Helping enterprises achieve digital transformation

A complete ecosystem of technology, implementation and consultancy providers

From technology providers to leading implementation and consulting companies, the Re:infer partner ecosystem is used by enterprises to achieve their digital transformation goals.

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Recognitions and achievements

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Frost & Sullivan
Conversational Intelligence Services Analytics Market Excellence in Best Practices 2022.
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Gartner Cool Vendor
Conversational & Natural Language Technologies 2021
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HFS Hot Vendor
Enterprise & Machine Learning Platform 2021
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“Re:infer has transformed how we do business, and I know we’ve only scratched the surface of what it can do. We’ve saved time and resources that can now be put toward serving our clients better than ever."

Build better products and services. Quickly. Scalably. Efficiently.

Increase operational scalability, enhance the customer experience, and improve control with Re:infer’s Conversational Data Intelligence Platform.

Intelligent automation needs NLP

How NLP completes the Intelligent Automation stack

By enabling the analysis of communications data, NLP accelerates hyper-automation and provides new scope for process improvement and operational efficiency.

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