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Two Re:infer customers rank as finalists for AI Innovator of the Year award

Two Re:infer customers rank as finalists for AI Innovator of the Year award
Transformation leaders at Deutsche Bank and FARFETCH are runners-up for top AI award for their deployment of the Re:infer Conversational Data Intelligence platform.

15th June 2022 — LONDON, UK — Rushabh Shah, Intelligent Automation Lead at Deutsche Bank, and Arthur Zhuravsky, Global Head of Voice of the Customer at FARFETCH, finished as finalists for the Alconics AI Innovator of the Year Award.

Both transformation leaders had been recognised for their deployment of Re:infer, the NLP platform for enterprise communications and conversational analytics. They reached the final shortlist of six nominees for the Solutions Implementor category, in recognition of their achievements in driving service excellence and operational efficiency with Re:infer.

The full details of their nominations can be found below:

Arthur Zhuravsky - Global Senior Head of Voice of the Customer at FARFETCH

Arthur is a customer experience executive at FARFETCH, one of the world’s fastest-growing luxury fashion retailers and widely known for its customer centricity.

Arthur has leveraged state-of-the-art AI and NLP to develop a new CX metric, the Customer Experience Index (CXI). This links all customer touchpoints - including operational metrics, all service and communications feedback - in an attempt to connect the customer experience directly with revenue.

This has transformed, at speed and scale, the countless customer messages FARFETCH agents receive each day into clean structured data for detailed analysis. 

FARFETCH can now see, and directly link, how operational events and failures impact the customer experience. This is helping FARFETCH identify the most valuable improvements that will benefit the silent majority of customers and enhance their loyalty.   

Arthur’s VoC team has become a centre of excellence for customer insight throughout the business. Leaders of operational functions now use the team as a vital resource to understand how functional changes will impact the experience and satisfaction of customers.    

Arthur’s NLP-powered CXI score has achieved far greater predictive performance against churn, loyalty, and engagement than previous CSAT and NPS scores. This has contributed to 2-3x greater engagement, CSAT and customer recovery at FARFETCH.

Speaking recently at Customer Contact Week Europe Exchange, Arthur said:

“Re:infer enables us to have a more data-driven approach, giving us the chance to digitise qualitative customer feedback, and even to embrace the so-far ignored silent majority of customers. The Customer Experience Index has grounded CX for executives. Now they can touch it and feel it. As a CX leader, I feel much more empowered when our analysis is linked to revenue.”

Rushabh Shah - Program Director Intelligent Automation, Corporate Banking Technology, Deutsche Bank

Rushabh has been leading intelligent automation efforts for Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Bank for more than five years. In that time he has been instrumental in driving automation and AI adoption at every level of operations.

In the last year, Rushabh has focused on how AI solutions can enhance the client experience for the bank’s corporate banking customers.

He has led the implementation of the Re:infer enterprise NLP communications platform. By democratising the use of powerful NLP models, the bank has digitised the high number of messages its service workforce must process each day.

Rushabh and his team have given service teams and relationship managers a new capability to discover what’s driving urgency, complaints and client demand, at speed and scale. Employees now see problems develop in real time, and have the insight to target them at the source before they can impact the client experience. 

The next phase currently being worked on is to lay the foundations for message automation with AI. Re:infer extracts the most important information from messages for downstream processing. This will enable a better client and employee experience, freeing agents to focus on only the most valuable and complex work, while also reducing response times for all types of requests.

Speaking recently at Intelligent Automation Week, Rushabh commented:

“We’re using Re:infer to unlock insights and kill waste. I personally see it as a process mining tool for our email data and unstructured comms. A tool like Celonis is good for analysing workflow logs, but Re:infer takes it to a new level by helping us see the data in our emails - to understand the intents of our clients and their reasons for contact.”

To learn more about the Re:infer Conversational Data Intelligence platform, visit reinfer.io.

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