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Intelligent Automation Exchange UK: February 2022

The first major intelligent automation event of 2022. Re:infer took the stage with Deutsche Bank to discuss improving client experience and automating more with NLP and citizen development.

After a break of two years, we were delighted to join 2022's first intelligent automation event with our partners at IQPC. It was a pleasure to catch up with our fellow leaders in AI and intelligent automation, but the highlight for us was joining Deutsche Bank on the main stage to talk about some of the great work we've been doing to democratise NLP technology across the enterprise.

Event highlights

Deutsche Bank: Automation and democratising NLP

Our own Co-founder and CEO Ed Challis had the great pleasure of joining one of our closest customers - Deutsche Bank's Head of RPA Rushabh Shah - to hold a joint keynote on our collaboration to scale NLP at the bank. Over the last year, Deutsche Bank has been using Re:Infer to digitise and understand the masses of demand coming into its many service desks, turning unstructured communications into structured insight for analysis and automation.

Four intelligent automation takeaways

Ed also shared a summary of the event and his main intelligent automation takeaways based on the various keynotes and conversations he had with digital transformation leaders. Most enterprises are experiencing a huge uptick in demand, contact and communications, and they are looking to natural language processing-powered solutions to help them enhance their services and achieve hyperautomation.

Read his full summary and predictions.

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