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Enhance, analyse and automate your business and IT systems

Re:infer offers pre-built integrations for all leading enterprise communications platforms. Utilise strong APIs and Connectors for Workflow and RPA.

Re:infer is easy to integrate and gets up and running quickly.

Pre-built connectors offer easy connection with the most important platforms in Workflow, CRM, RPA, and many others.

Pre-built connectors

Re:infer easily integrates with the most popular enterprise platforms, cutting costs and increasing time to value. 


Re:infer makes it quick and easy to develop APIs to connect with any business or self-built system.


Fast integrations open Re:infer to an enormous number of different use cases, making the platform easy to scale across the enterprise.

Trusted by leading organisations to drive digital transformation
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The Re:infer platform truly follows the low-code/no-code mantra with rapid models created in hours by process SMEs, not data scientists. Re:infer is at the cutting edge of the Intelligent Automation spectrum.

Turn every message into
actionable data today

Increase operational scalability and optimise the customer experience with Re:infer’s Conversational Data Intelligence Platform.