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Fully customisable

Create bespoke machine learning models at speed and scale

Extract the specific intents, entities, themes and emotions your business needs.

Machine learning models at speed and scale

Re:infer offers fully customisable machine learning models that can be tailored to any industry or use case.

Employee-driven active learning trains Re:infer to understand the intent, meaning and sentiment of every message - up to and including industry-specific themes and specialist language.


Active learning gives Re:infer the same understanding of language, context and meaning as your most experienced subject matter experts


Re:infer understands and interprets all major languages, and understands messages that use multiple languages

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“We were able to capture years of the bank’s domain knowledge essentially overnight.”

Turn every message into
actionable data today

Increase operational scalability and optimise the customer experience with Re:infer’s Conversational Data Intelligence Platform.