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Zero-code model training

Empower your team to automate their least-favourite work

Combine human intelligence with machine efficiency to train powerful custom AI models, rapidly, at speed and scale.

Zero-code model training

Re:infer’s zero-code training UI gives business users all the tools they need to create custom, accurate ML models in minutes not months.

Leverage active, guided and data-efficient learning to help every employee extract valuable insights and automate their least favourite work.

Zero-code training UI

No technical skill is needed to train Re:infer AI models. Operationalise NLP to train and deploy your models rapidly.

Active Learning

Re:infer’s intuitive training UI, and suggested next best actions, improve model accuracy and minimise the human effort required.

Model lifecycle management

Offload the cost of MLOps with a platform that manages every stage of the model lifecycle.

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"We completely shifted our collective mindset on what productivity looks like. People used to think it was defined by how many tasks they completed in a day. Now, they see it as how much value they add in a day."

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Increase operational scalability and optimise the customer experience with Re:infer’s Conversational Data Intelligence Platform.