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Increase automation, create a new source of structured data from conversations

Through our no-code NLP platform, Re:infer helps businesses to understand and action every email, ticket, chat and call so you can build intelligent, automated workflows that enhance service, customer experience and efficiency.

Trusted by leading organisations to drive digital transformation

Turn every message into actionable data

Everything, from operational efficiency to the quality of your customer experience, depends on the flow of communications in your business. Whether it's an email between colleagues or a call to customers, every message matters. Yet manually supporting conversations is slow, expensive and not scalable.

Re:infer converts communications into structured data in real time, giving your automation and workflow tools the actionable data they need to automate more.

Intelligent Automation and RPA leaders use Re:infer to...


Re:infer turns business conversations into value by extracting the crucial insight hidden in communications. Re:infer automatically extracts the most important information - sentiment, intent and emotion - to drive improvements, innovation, better products and services.


Re:infer's real-time alerts and analytics enable you to get ahead of emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. An in-depth, live dashboard gives you unprecedented visibility over all of your business communication channels.


Re:infer converts unstructured communications into clean, structured and machine-readable data that's ready for downstream processing. Build intelligent, automated workflows that transform service and operational efficiency. Re:infer provides pre-built integrations and partnerships with leading providers including UiPath, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere.

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Re:infer - NLP

Understand your customers better, automate more, enhance scalability, and transform the customer experience.

Re:infer automates the interpretation of communications, turning it into structured, actionable data to help businesses scale rapidly and improve the customer experience.

Trusted by teams around the globe to help deliver digital transformation

The Re:infer platform truly follows the low-code/no-code mantra with rapid models created in hours by process SMEs, not data scientists. Re:infer is at the cutting edge of the Intelligent Automation spectrum.
“The enterprise is built on communications. It should be no surprise that, to digitally transform, NLP is not just a nice-to-have, it is a must-have, which is why our partnership with Re:infer is so important to us and our clients. Re:infer's deep learning platform allows us to unpick customer intents and unlock understanding in unstructured processes across the business.”
"Re:Infer enables us to have a more data-driven approach, giving us the chance to digitise qualitative customer feedback, and even to embrace the so-far ignored silent majority of customers. As a CX leader, I feel much more empowered when our analysis is linked to revenue."

Learn how Re:infer creates growth opportunities

1. Connect Re:infer to your conversational channels

Re:infer is optimised for all common communication channels. From email, chat and tickets to annotations and CRM notes, create real-time connections across your entire enterprise.

2. Train ML models with AI guidance

Re:infer understands human language. We read every message to uncover patterns in your conversations — finding frequently asked questions, requests, processes and themes. Re:infer works fast; we deliver value in hours, not months.

3. Discover repetitive processes

Re:infer learns from you and your data. Its zero-code interface empowers users to teach Re:infer the specifics of your business. Re:infer becomes tailored to you, and improves constantly in real time.

4. Automate actions in real time

Re:infer converts each message into structured data. Re:infer analytics are displayed in a customisable report which gives you insight into processes, customer issues and change opportunities. From there, we can trigger automated actions like routing, triage, alerts and case creation with zero latency.

Build intelligent products, services
and workflows

Increase operational scalability and optimise the customer experience with Re:infer’s Conversational Data Intelligence Platform.

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