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Conversational Data Intelligence is helping cut costs, boost growth and strengthen client relationships

Re:infer enables asset managers to extract key insights from their communications data to drive process efficiency and a better client experience.

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The problem

Asset Management relies on communication, but managers lack insight into what’s being said

Asset managers are under great pressure to find cost synergies and make intelligent strategic investments quickly. These decisions need to be based on insight, but client interactions and counterparty conversations are hidden within masses of unstructured communications data. 

Across the middle and back offices, trades fail to settle, grey processes remain unchanged and email is used as the primary workflow tool to manage exceptions. Process automation could greatly boost efficiency, but relevant opportunities need to be discovered first.

The failure to analyse or automate unstructured conversational data prevents client fulfilment, creates latency in operations and raises compliance risk. Rich information on sentiment, performance and product appetite are out of reach.

The solution

Re:infer turns any message into actionable data, enabling intelligent decision making and guiding automation

In client analytics, Re:infer reveals what determines brand value, customer loyalty and trade appetite.

In operations, Re:infer highlights process inefficiency and boosts middle and back office performance, driven by real-time actionable data.

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Asset Management firms use Re:infer to quickly develop NLP solutions, unlocking the value of conversational data

Advanced client and broker analytics

  • Monitor sentiment: real-time analytics on wants and needs
  • Discover demand: detect the drivers of value and failure demand


  • Detect operational risk
  • Monitor adherence to regulatory requirements from KYC to AML & GDPR
  • Monitor third-party adherence to SLAs
  • Alerts to low frequency high risk events
  • Perform surveillance at scale

Operation analytics

  • Discover and quantify manual processes
  • Detect root cause of exceptions and process, systems and people failure
  • Monitor and improve settlements


  • Make all communications data structured and actionable in the wider IT real-estate (RPA, CRM, CMS, SCV, ERP)
  • Deliver straight-through processing of requests
  • Cognitive + RPA: amplify existing robotics installations with a cognitive front-end that can trigger processes

Build intelligent products, services and workflows

Increase operational scalability and optimise the customer experience with Re:infer’s Conversational Data Intelligence Platform.