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Conversational Data Intelligence is helping to grow customer loyalty

Re:infer helps e-commerce brands create value from their unstructured communications data, augmenting customer insight and experience.

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The problem

In the race for market share, communications data has been neglected

As more customers go digital, online shopping has never been more competitive. It’s imperative for e-commerce brands to find new customers, retain existing ones, and grow customer lifetime value rapidly. However, the metrics for success are hidden under masses of unstructured communications data.

Countless conversations happen between people and brands every day, but few are able to extract value from them. At the same time, customer service is too often a barrier between customers and the answers they need. Yet managers lack the visibility to improve process efficiency and response times.

The solution

Re:infer turns any message into structured actionable data, delivering unmatched insight into the drivers of customer success

Re:infer builds a complete view of the customer journey by identifying and analysing key data from across sales calls, chats, online reviews, forums and email.

The platform extracts real-time insights into product, inventory and fulfilment, enabling brands to quickly monitor and respond to customer trends and requests.

Re:infer helps e-commerce brands to better understand customer needs, generate new leads and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Reinfer connect systems diagram
Responsive customer experience diagram

E-commerce brands use Re:infer to understand their customers and deliver a more responsive customer experience

Customer insights

  • Discover the actions and behaviours that drive customer loyalty 
  • Identify the drivers of failure and value demand
  • Analyse and address the drivers of churn
  • Uncover actionable insights that drive personalisation and promotions

Cognitive contact centre

  • Analyse customer calls to detect root cause drivers of customer pain
  • Compare the performance of customer service agents
  • Uncover hidden relationships between product, experience and loyalty

Intelligent sales

  • Analyse customer data to provide more accurate recommendations and customer-centric decisions
  • Personalise interactions with a searchable and contextual history of all previous interactions

Employee insights

  • Make all communications data structured and actionable in the wider IT real-estate (RPA, CRM, CMS, SCV, ERP)
  • Deliver straight-through processing of requests
  • Cognitive + RPA: amplify existing robotics installations with a cognitive front-end that can trigger processes

Build intelligent products, services and workflows

Increase operational scalability and optimise the customer experience with Re:infer’s Conversational Data Intelligence Platform.