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Learn how Conversational Data Intelligence is helping Capital Markets firms deliver digital transformation

Re:infer gives Capital Markets a new capability to efficiently build intelligent products, services and workflows that drive operational scalability and optimise client service.

Trusted by leading organisations to drive digital transformation
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The problem

Capital markets run on conversations

Unlocking the value in conversations is manual, time consuming, and not scalable.

Firms typically generate tens or hundreds of millions of messages every year. Employees spend over half their day reading, writing, actioning, deleting and forwarding messages.

In the pre-trade space firms don't have the capacity to intelligently listen to clients across all conversational channels, weakening the capacity to prospect, onboard, drive engagement, sales and efficient execution.

In the post-trade space, every message is an exception to Straight-Through Processing (STP), which introduces operational risk. Without understanding, measuring and monitoring the flow of fulfilment in these currently opaque channels firms cannot increase STP rates, drive self-service, automation and reduce cost base.

The solution

Re:infer turns any message into structured actionable data

Giving Capital Markets firms a new capability to efficiently build intelligent products, services and workflows.

Uncover the costly processes slowing your organisation down, get visibility on opaque processes to identify problems, inefficiencies and quantify opportunities for change.

Give your automation and workflow tools the structured data they need to deliver against digital transformation goals.

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Capital Markets firms use Re:infer to quickly develop NLP solutions, overcoming major digital transformation challenges

Pre-trade communications analytics – Client service analytics

  • Monitor client service: real-time analytics on client wants and needs
  • Identify client demand: detect the drivers of value and failure demand
  • Discover and act on product, pricing or research feedback
  • Track and monitor your clients' view of the competition

Sales optimisation

  • Discover and quantify the most effective up-sell and cross-sell drivers
  • Recognise, share and reward attributes of high performing relationship managers
  • Join conversational events across different touchpoints to monitor and improve the client journey

Post-trade communications analytics – Process intelligence and optimisation

  • Discover and quantify all manual processes
  • Uncover root-cause drivers for people, process, data and system failure
  • Identify digital transformation and automation opportunities with the greatest ROI
  • Real-time monitoring of quality of service with counterparties

Compliance and risk

  • Early detection and alerting to operational risk events
  • Monitor adherence to regulatory requirements from KYC to AML & GDPR
  • Alerts to low frequency high risk events
  • Perform surveillance at scale

Build intelligent products, services and workflows

Increase operational scalability and optimise the customer experience with Re:infer’s Conversational Data Intelligence Platform.