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Conversational Data Intelligence drives innovation and customer acquisition

Re:infer helps telecommunications companies extract crucial insight from their unstructured communications data, boosting efficiency and customer loyalty.

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The problem

Telcos lack insight into the causes of customer dissatisfaction and process inefficiency

In a disruptive and ever-changing telecoms market, operators must find new ways to increase revenues, reduce operational expenditure and resist customer churn.

Telcos know they need an innovative approach to keep up with customer demands for new kinds of content, while also delivering competitive coverage and performance.

However, transformation starts with data. Telcos preside over masses of unstructured communications data they are unable to understand or exploit. Until they overcome this challenge, operators will continue to miss out on the insight they need to innovate forward.

The solution

Re:infer turns any message into structured actionable data, enhancing visibility, driving innovation and enabling automation

In customer experience, Re:infer reveals the value in every conversation. From customer calls and emails to chat support and forums, every customer touchpoint is understood, analysed and actioned at scale.

In operations, Re:infer provides visibility into thousands of manual and grey processes that run between the shared service centre and the business.

Tight integrations with enterprise automation tools like Robotic Process Automation allow Re:infer to bridge the gap between requests expressed in natural language and actions downstream.

Reinfer connect systems diagram
Drive process efficiency and customer loyalty diagram for Telcos

Telcos use Re:infer to understand their communications, drive process efficiency and customer loyalty

Customer insights

  • Discover the actions and behaviours behind customer loyalty
  • Identify the drivers of failure and value demand
  • Bring visibility to the drivers of churn
  • Uncover actionable insights that drive personalisation and promotions

Cognitive contact centre

  • Analyse customer calls to detect root cause drivers of customer pain
  • Compare the performance of customer service agents
  • Uncover hidden relationships between product, experience and loyalty

Operation analytics

  • Discover and quantify all manual processes
  • Detect root-cause of exceptions and process, systems and people failure
  • Identify opportunities for automation and self-service


  • Make all communications data structured and actionable in the wider IT real-estate (RPA, CRM, CMS, SCV, ERP)
  • Deliver straight-through processing of requests
  • Optimise change initiatives

Build intelligent products, services and workflows

Increase operational scalability and optimise the customer experience with Re:infer’s Conversational Data Intelligence Platform.