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Customer Contact Week Europe: March 2022

Europe's leading customer contact event. Re:infer took the stage with FARFETCH to discuss how we built an intelligent, scalable approach to CX directly linked to C-Suite goals.

It was a pleasure to join Europe's premier event for contact, customer service and experience leaders. Over two days we had many great conversations and introductions to some of the largest, most service-focussed and customer-centric enterprises. We also had the opportunity to support our customers, including FARFETCH which delivered an insightful keynote on its data-driven approach to customer service.

Event highlights

FARFETCH: The Customer Experience Index

One of our closest customers Arthur Zhuravsky, Global Senior Head of Voice of the Customer at FARFETCH, took the stage to talk about his innovative approach to capturing the voice of the customer. Using the Re:Infer Conversational Data Intelligence platform, FARFETCH has created the Customer Experience Index, a new and more accurate metric for measuring and tracking the customer experience.

Watch Arthur's keynote and find out more about our collaboration with FARFETCH to understand and enhance the customer experience.

Top customer experience trends

Our own Will Aston wrote a great summary of his experience at the conference and picked out three of the most important and pervasive trends at the conference. Customer experience and customer service leaders are still feeling the pressure in the aftermath of COVID. Contact volumes are growing and demand is becoming more complex to process, while high agent churn is bringing a new focus to the total experience.

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