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Banking Operations Analytics

Banking Operations Analytics

Boost client intelligence, increase transparency and operational efficiency in capital markets operations

Drive operational scalability and improve client intelligence in pre-trade and post-trade operations.

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"Banking operations staff spend 70% of their time outside of core systems and 40% of their time on email alone."
"Banking operations staff spend 70% of their time outside of core systems and 40% of their time on email alone."
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Mail and calendar server
RPA: UiPath, Automation Anywhere or micro-service for automated actioning
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1 month
Avg. time to value/ROI
1 month


Banking operations teams see tens or hundreds of millions of messages every year. Employees spend over half their day reading, writing, actioning, deleting and forwarding messages. Extracting the value from these conversations is manual, time consuming and unscalable.

In the pre-trade space, capital markets firms don't have the capacity to analyse client interactions across all communications channels. This weakens their ability to intelligently prospect, onboard, drive engagement, and sell effectively.

In the post-trade space, every message is an exception to straight-through processing, introducing operational risk. Without understanding, measuring and monitoring the flow of fulfilment, banking operations can’t improve efficiency, drive self-service, introduce automation or cut costs.


Re:infer Communications Mining understands every client conversation across all channels, whether voice or text-based. A no-code solution, it uses natural language processing to automatically discover and tag valuable insights, including drivers of workflow, handling time, service quality and productivity.

Banking operations teams can uncover the costly processes slowing down pre and post-trade operations. Communications Mining enables them to identify previously hidden problems, inefficiencies and quantify opportunities for change.


Communications Mining gives you complete visibility over service levels and communications channels, enabling you to:

Monitor and enhance client service

Deliver real-time analysis of client wants and needs, while detecting the drivers of value and failure demand. Track and view your clients’ view of the competition. Discover and act on product, pricing or research feedback.

Sales optimisation

Discover and quantify the most effective up-sell and cross-sell drivers. Recognise, share and reward attributes of high performing relationship managers. Join conversational events across different touchpoints to monitor and improve the client journey.

Boost process intelligence and optimisation

Discover and quantify all manual processes your teams are dealing with. Uncover root-cause drivers for people, process, data and system failure. Identify digital transformation and automation opportunities with the greatest ROI.

Improve compliance and risk monitoring

Perform surveillance at scale and easily monitor adherence to regulatory requirements from KYC to AML & GDPR. Achieve early detection and alerting to operational risk events - including low-frequency, high-risk events.

Trusted by leading organisations to drive digital transformation

UK bank saves millions and halves handling time with Communications Mining

A major UK investment bank used Re:infer Communications Mining to understand back and middle office processes, cut costs, and transform efficiency in its Post-Trade Operations function.

  • Millions of pounds in change opportunities identified
  • £617k worth of FTE savings generated
  • 110 change opportunities identified from only three mailbox analyses

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Communications Mining Explained

Communications Mining provides accurate, scalable and repeatable conversation analytics capabilities for discovering change opportunities.

Using state of the art natural language processing technology, Re:infer detects process inefficiencies, exceptions and risks expressed in communication data.

Communications Mining is suited to multiple cost levers, including automation, self-service, workflow, systems and data.

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