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Banking Operations Automation

Banking Operations Automation

Cut costs, increase efficiency and scale automation in capital markets operations

Automate low-value, repetitive queries and requests, improving client service while boosting operational scalability.

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"Banking operations staff spend 70% of their time outside of core systems and 40% of their time on email alone."
"Banking operations staff spend 70% of their time outside of core systems and 40% of their time on email alone."
Connected systems
Mail and calendar server
RPA: UiPath, Automation Anywhere or micro-service for automated actioning
Avg. implementation time
1 month
Avg. time to value/ROI
1 month


Years on from the global financial crisis, banks still struggle with profitability and high cost-income ratios. Banks have rightfully identified back-office operations as fertile ground for greater cost savings as well as superior client service.

In the pre-trade space, capital markets firms don't have the capacity to effectively process exploding volumes of inbound communications. Repetitive, transactional tasks like triaging emails to the right team drive staff churn and introduce latency to core processes, impacting the client experience.

In the post-trade space, every message is an exception to straight-through processing, increasing operational risk. Automating these requests would improve trade flow and SLA adherence, but banks lack the clean structured data needed as a bridge to downstream automation tools.


Re:infer Banking Operations Automation understands and structures all inbound requests. It understands the meaning of every message and extracts the relevant data for automatic case creation, triage and routing.

Re:infer turns business conversations into structured data which can then be used for downstream processing by automation tools. This frees banking operations staff to focus on more important, more rewarding work.

For the first time, the end-to-end automation of the highest-volume manual requests is possible.


Banking Operations Automation augments service performance and gives time back to employees, enabling you to:

Reduce cost base and enable straight-through processing

Automate pre-trade comms work and post-trade operations to increase trade flow and reduce operating costs to save millions every year.

Improve the client experience

Reduce response times and accelerate request resolution. Improve service quality and the client experience. Contribute to operational efficiency and gain the capacity to offer entirely new services.

Enhance productivity and employee satisfaction

Free your team to focus on the most complex and important requests and activities. Allocate more resources to the most valuable tasks, while keeping your team lean and effective. Reduce staff churn by prioritising more rewarding work.

Trusted by leading organisations to drive digital transformation

Swiss bank generates millions of dollars in cost savings and automates 40% of transactional requests

A major Swiss investment bank used Re:infer to drive continuous process improvement and enhanced client service.

  • 40% of all transactional customer requests automated, enabling resolution in minutes rather than days
  • Huge operational inefficiencies, bottlenecks and risks identified, resulting in many millions of dollars in cost savings

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Email to Case Explained

Re:infer uses natural language processing capabilities to understand the intent and content of inbound emails. This enables the platform to provide email-to-case capabilities, migrating business processes from email channels to workflow applications.

Re:infer enables intelligent case creation, processing events, status requests, and monitors for new processes being performed outside of workflow.

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Auto Triage Explained

Re:infer provides a fully automated triage capability that is Subject Matter Expert-driven. Inbound requests are automatically routed to the right team or person, removing the process from agent workflows.

The platform gives users fine-grained control over rules for classification, prioritisation, data extraction, and routing. Re:infer also allows for incremental deployment, meaning you can gradually scale auto triage until the required confidence levels are met.

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Turn any conversation into actionable data

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