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Voice of the customer

Voice of the Customer

Understand and continuously improve quality of service and the customer experience

Analyse customer conversations to reduce churn and customer effort, while boosting CSAT, NPS and loyalty.

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"VoC leaders enjoy a nearly 10-times greater annual revenue increase than their competitors."
"VoC leaders enjoy a nearly 10-times greater annual revenue increase than their competitors."
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Social media
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Connected systems
Mail and calendar server
RPA: UiPath, Automation Anywhere or micro-service for automated actioning
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1 month
Avg. time to value/ROI
1 month


Customer experience and voice of the customer teams need to understand what factors are having the biggest impact on retention and churn. But teams are often under-resourced and lack access to detailed information.

Customers are reaching out and describing their needs and experiences across a multitude of contact channels. Yet extracting conversational data to analyse and share with stakeholders is a manual, time-consuming and imprecise process.


Re:infer Communications Mining understands every customer conversation across all channels, whether voice or text-based. It extracts valuable insights into the customer experience, identifying customer intent, sentiment, customer effort, quality of service, and satisfaction.

Real-time reporting enables voice of the customer teams to understand customers better and resolve issues faster. Conversational analytics enables them to identify root causes and continuously improve the customer experience.


Communications Mining helps you capture the voice of the customer with unprecedented speed and accuracy, enabling you to:

Augment the customer experience

Communications Mining automatically extracts key topics of conversation, showing what is most important to your customers. This gives you the insights to continuously improve customer, employee, brand and product experiences.

Improve customer retention and lifetime value

Gain increased control and visibility over key metrics like CSAT, NPS and CLTV. Analyse signals, predict customer behaviour and resolve issues to provide experiences that reduce churn and keep customers coming back.  

Become the customer champion

Use text and speech analytics to gain insight into all interaction and feedback sources. Recognise contact drivers, discover trends and root causes while prioritising areas for improvement. Become the source of truth for customer insight and understanding in your organisation.

Trusted by leading organisations to drive digital transformation

Hiscox saves £240k and auto-triages over 80% of emails with request automation

Specialist insurer Hiscox used Re:infer to automatically triage inbound broker requests.

  • 80-85% of emails now automatically triaged by Re:Infer
  • First time right rate increased from 3% to 96%
  • Request turnaround reduced from 5-7 days to 3.7 days
  • £240k saved in FTE cost avoidance

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Communications Mining Explained

Communications Mining provides accurate, scalable and repeatable conversation analytics capabilities for discovering change opportunities.

Using state of the art natural language processing technology, Re:infer detects process inefficiencies, exceptions and risks expressed in communication data.

Communications Mining is suited to multiple cost levers, including automation, self-service, workflow, systems and data.

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“Re:infer has transformed how we do business, and I know we’ve only scratched the surface of what it can do. We’ve saved time and resources that can now be put toward serving our clients better than ever."

Turn business conversations into business value

Turn any conversation into actionable data

Drive operational efficiency and optimise the customer experience with Re:infer’s Conversational Data Intelligence Platform.

Extract crucial insights and automate manual service requests with Re:infer’s Conversational Data Intelligence Platform.