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Re:infer named a Gartner Cool Vendor

Re:infer named a Gartner Cool Vendor
Conversational AI and Natural Language Technology advancements are the subject of Gartner’s latest Cool Vendors report, with Re:infer recognised as an ‘interesting, new and innovative’ vendor in the space.

We’re very proud to reveal that Re:infer has been recognised as a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s ‘Cool Vendors in Conversational and NLT Widen Use Cases, Domain Knowledge and Dialect Support’ report.

Gartner analysts count Re:infer among a select group of vendors helping to tackle challenges in reinforcement learning, decision intelligence, natural language understanding, and conversational AI.

According to Gartner:

A differentiator for Re:Infer is the bridge it creates between analytics insights on conversational data and the ongoing automation of processes based on these insights. Further, this technology uses large amounts of unstructured data such as customer communications to create insights rooted in customer context… Companies that have large amounts of customer communications (unstructured customer data) that they want to mine to gain additional undiscovered insight into their marketing, communications and customer service capabilities should consider Re:infer”.

The report is ‘designed to highlight interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services’. It also raises important trends in the field of Conversational and Natural Language Technology, including mass personalisation, composite AI and the second wave of topic and language coverage.

Conversational Data Intelligence

We see Gartner’s recognition as an important step in our work to build the category of Conversational Data Intelligence - helping enterprises create business value from their business conversations.

Conversations are important. When they happen in business, it’s because someone needs something. A customer has a question or a problem that needs solved. A colleague wants to collaborate on an important piece of work. 

Conversations are how work gets done.

However, digital communications have created more conversations than anyone or any business can handle. Every day, we’re bombarded with messages, emails, chats, queries and requests. Highly-skilled, high-demand employees are spending most of their day in Outlook and messaging apps, when they should be doing the work that drives growth and value. 

Meanwhile, important customer conversations are joining the end of the queue, getting delayed or falling through the cracks. The customer experience is suffering and services are at breaking point. 

No business can solve the contact challenge with humans alone.

Conversational Data Intelligence has been created to solve this problem. Re:infer gives enterprises the capability to understand and action all of their business conversations, at speed and at scale, with powerful natural language processing (NLP) technology that can be used by anyone.

Re:infer’s zero-code platform automates the interpretation and analysis of business communications data. By enabling a deeper understanding of every business conversation, Re:infer helps businesses run better and brings them closer to their customers.

Clients are using Re:infer to unlock in-depth insights into customer behaviours and business operations. Re:infer is also used to drive the automation of manual communications-based processes by creating a new source of structured data for automation tools.

Learn more about why Re:infer is a Gartner Cool Vendor, and download your free copy of the report.  

Re:infer is a Gartner Cool Vendor

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